Force Creativity With The Constraint Of Speed

on September 22nd, 2011 | Filed under Quotes

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This idea of placing the constraint of speed to initiate creativity intrigues me. It’s similar to the constraint we’ve adopted here at Minimalist Tees – that a limited wardrobe can have a similar effect on creativity. Give this a read:

“One of the best ways to be truly creative–breakthrough creative–is to be forced to go fast. Really, really, really fast. From the brain’s perspective, it makes sense that extreme speed can unlock creativity. When forced to come up with something under extreme time constraints, we’re forced to rely on the more intuitive, subconscious parts of our brain. The time pressure can help suppress the logical/rational/critical parts of your brain. It helps you EQ up subconscious creativity (so-called “right brain”) and EQ down conscious thought (“left brain”).”


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